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If you have been arrested for a DUI in Honolulu, your driver's license may be in danger. Even a first-time offender could be facing a mandatory driver's license revocation. Anyone who has been arrested or charged with a DUI in Hawaii will experience an immediate license revocation.

You will need to make a request with the Administrative Driver’s License Revocation Office, a subdivision of the Hawaii Judiciary, within 6 days of the Administrative Driver's License Revocation Office Notice of Decision to fight the revocation of your driver's license.

Unlike other criminal matters, DUI charges will spark two different actions: one by the criminal court, and another by the administrative court (Hawaii's Administrative Driver's License Revocation Office). While the criminal court will determine if your case has merit or grounds to pursue criminal repercussions, the administrative case will simply examine evidence to determine if a driver's license revocation will be necessary.

The Administrative Hearing Process includes the following:

  • You must submit a request within 6 days of your ADLRO Decision to request a hearing
  • The revocation office will make a decision to either reinstate your driver's license or uphold the revocation of the license
  • If your driver's license is reinstated, the office will mail your license, registration, and license plate within 25 days of your arrest
  • If your license is revoked your temporary permit is only good until the hearing date, if the request for a hearing was timely, otherwise you will need to obtain an Ignition Interlock Device and Ignition Interlock Permit

Your DUI and driver's license revocation matters are time sensitive. Do not wait another moment to speak with a qualified Honolulu DUI lawyer immediately.

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If your driving privileges are on the line, you should demand exceptional legal representation from your Honolulu DUI attorney. Having successfully represented hundreds of clients through administrative hearings as well as through criminal courts for over 20 years, I know that my clients are deserving of high-quality defense representation.

When representing my clients:

  • I focus on the facts and use my knowledge of the law to protect my clients' rights
  • I keep my clients informed throughout every stage
  • I stay open and honest with clients regarding every aspect of their case
  • I inform clients of what they should know, their options, and their avenues of defense
  • I offer free case consultations to give clients the opportunity to speak with me

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