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Every DUI case is a grave matter; however, few DUI cases are as serious as a military DUI charge. At The Law Office of Kevin O'Grady, LLC, you can find the exceptional qualifications needed to handle all aspects of your case. Unlike lawyers who have only worked in civilian courts, I understand how the military and military law operates from my hands-on experience as an active duty service member. Contact me, a Honolulu military DUI lawyer, today for proven defense.

My legal experience includes service in roles such as:

  • Judge Advocate in U.S. Army
  • Senior Military Prosecutor
  • Special Assistant U.S. Attorney
  • Deputy prosecutor

Not only am I well aware of how prosecutors operate, but I have a proven defense record as an accomplished Honolulu military DUI attorney. With discipline and a strong sense of duty instilled by my military training, I strive to always deliver the ethical, skilled advocacy each client deserves. Learn more about how I may be able to help you today: You can call my Honolulu firm 24/7.

Arrested for DUI while in the military? Don't hesitate to call (808) 521-3367 to request your free evaluation today! I am prepared to sit down with you to discuss your full defense strategy.

Military DUI Charges in Hawaii

With a military DUI, you could face life-altering consequences from all fronts. You could be confronted with Hawaii's criminal and administrative penalties as well as military administrative penalties. Both your freedom and your career are on the line.

Beyond jail, fines, and license revocation, you could face non-judicial punishment under Article 15 of the UCMJ, or you could face court-martial. This means you could face anything from a reprimand, to administrative separation to imprisonment and dishonorable discharge.

Other penalties unique to a military DUI include:

  • Revoked base privileges
  • Required treatment program
  • Reduction in grade
  • Bar to reenlistment
  • Negative NCOER/OER/Evaluation
  • Loss of security clearance
  • Removal from promotion list
  • Loss of command/leadership position

As a former prosecutor who has successfully handled hundreds of DUI cases, I realize what is at stake for you. That is why as a Honolulu military DUI attorney, I dedicate my practice to tirelessly protecting the rights of my clients.

Get Skilled Military DUI Defense Today

When you work with me, I will be honest about your case from the start. I will focus on understanding all the facts, reviewing the pertinent areas of DUI and military law, and then I will discuss the various legal routes you could take. As each case moves forwards, I ensure that my clients stay informed so that they can make empowered decisions about their future.

Time is of the essence. You cannot afford unnecessary delays when it comes to fighting for your liberty, reputation, and future. Discover how you can find the thorough, relentless military DUI defense you deserve.

If you are facing DUI charges while in the military, get over two decades of legal experience on your side: Contact Honolulu military DUI lawyer Kevin O'Grady today!