Issued a Ticket for Cellphone Use in Honolulu ZipMobile Traffic Jam?

Though Honolulu has recently been ranked as the third worst city for traffic in the entire nation, matters escalated to whole new levels this Tuesday. With only one major highway traversing the island, there is normally heavy traffic traveling east to west. However, H1's zipper lane that is usually moved by the ZipMobile to clear up traffic was not opened up on this day. While commutes normally range from an hour and a half to two hours, some drivers were stuck in their cars for more than five hours Tuesday evening.

The ZipMobile broke down, leaving drivers without the extra lane needed to clear up congestion. Traffic started to get heavy as early as 3:30 p.m. according to many reports. While drivers were extremely frustrated and annoyed from sitting in such terrible traffic, many faced even worse circumstances. With traffic completely stopped, individuals began taking out their phones to call loved ones, alert their children’s schools and daycares, or send heads up to friends. Unfortunately, police officers began dishing out tickets to these trapped drivers. While cops seemingly made pay day, suffering drivers were stuck with another nightmarish blow—a $250 moving violation.

Let Me Help You Fight Your Tuesday Traffic Ticket

While texting, talking on the phone, or any other action with a cellphone while driving used to be a crime in Hawaii, the law was recently changed to make this a simple moving violation. However, it still carries a hefty $290 fine and a mark on your driving record.

If you were issued a ticket while stuck in Tuesday’s terrible traffic due to the broken down ZipMobile, don’t just accept it! You need an advocate with my expertise and prowess to take on your ticket. I can start by reviewing your case to determine if there is any way to fight it and get your fine dismissed. With nearly 25 years of legal experience on my side and insight as a former law enforcement officer, I am ready to help with your case.

You only have 21 days to respond to your cellphone ticket, so make sure you act fast by calling my law firm today!