Should Police Misconduct Records Be Made Public?


When officers of the Hawaii Police Department are disciplined or charged with assault, theft, or lying, the records of these crimes are kept hidden from the public. Hiding this information not only violates transparency between the public and the HPD, but can also impact how the public and their rights are being protected. The protection of these rights are challenged in many ways, especially in situations when an individual is arrested and charged with a crime.

Attorney Kevin O’Grady was interviewed by Hawaii News Now about the lack of transparency and how it affects his clients. He explained how releasing information about an officer’s disciplinary records could help make the officer appear less credible. Obtaining records about the officer could help an attorney who fights a chance to beat the charges. He stated that he fights for the rights of his defendants because his clients are entitled to the documents to ensure a fair trial.

Read the full news article to learn more about how revealing police records in Hawaii could affect the HPD. If you have been charged of a crime and need an experienced criminal defense attorney, speak with Attorney Kevin O’Grady in a free case evaluation!