I got a DUI the other night, and it was a first offence and I blew a 0.24, how likely it is that I'll get jail time?

Question Detail: Also, do I need a lawyer and is pleading guilty not going to be a good thing?

Answer: In Hawaii there may be other attorneys that tell you that since the alleged BAC is that high you should just plead guilty. Remember that if you plead guilty you get a conviction and give up your right to appeal. If you hire an attorney that fights every step of the way, there are countless ways to prevent you from getting a conviction. Do not necessarily believe that the machine works properly, was working properly that night and that everything else that came before it is not subject to challenge by the defense. Also remember that the government has the burden of proving you guilty. Don’t make it easy for them and plead out. Hire an aggressive attorney to fight for you.