No Test is Foolproof, Faulty Chemist Sets Example for Why You Should Fight Your DUI

Many of my clients will say they don’t think they can fight their DUI because “the breathalyzer said I was over the limit,” but even machines make mistakes and we should never consider them error-free. Even if the arresting officer tells you the machine has never been incorrect before, who’s to say that’s true? Recently, a Massachusetts lab chemist admitted to sabotaging more than 25,000 drug cases by reporting false results, proving once again how any testing method can fail in some capacity.

Chemist Annie Dookhan worked for the Massachusetts state drug lab, helping prosecutors by testing evidence for drugs. She worked in the lab for nearly a decade, falsifying evidence in order to beef up her productivity record, earning her the nickname “superwoman.” Dookhan told investigators she didn’t even test many of the drugs that came her way, instead she forged the initials of her colleagues and mixed drug samples in order to make the results match her fabricated analysis.

State chemists frequently went to court to discuss their findings, where Dookhan swore under oath, not only about false evidence, but also about a master’s degree she never earned. Trusted with sensitive evidence that had the power to change people’s futures, she was able to hide her shoddy work from initial investigation, but was eventually found out. Now, the 21,587 drug cases Dookhan’s illegitimate practices tainted have been dismissed.

Looking at cases like that of Annie Dookhan, its startling to believe that so many DUI charges are simple accepted because of test results. Even if you were tested over the BAC limit, or if you failed a field sobriety test, you may still be able to fight your DUI charges. Tests are never error-free, as Annie Dookhan proves, and should always be reevaluated from every possible angle.

A good DUI attorney will know how to acquire all of the necessary information to build a solid defense behind your case. With over 25 years of legal experience, I know how to defend my clients’ rights and ensure their future is protected.

Breathalyzers may malfunction, as most machines do at some point, or could read inaccurately if you have a fever, acid reflux, or belch before the test is administered. Additionally, blood tests are determined by a lab, and human error is always a very real possibility. Never accept the results sitting down, protect yourself from unnecessary DUI conviction and allow me to represent your case.

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