New Hawaii Supreme Court Ruling Regarding DUI Charges


According to State v Davis, the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled that people accused of a DUI have the same constitutional and evidentiary protections as other crimes. This is a great stride forward in the justice system properly assessing DUI convictions. Before this ruling, even the best defense attorney would have a very low chance of winning a case against a Honolulu prosecutor who argued the breathalyzer was working properly. However, with this new update, supervisors can now be cross-examined, resulting in a fair trial that allows questioning the accuracy of the state’s breathalyzer machines.

Here are a few things to consider in order to craft a strong defense against an inaccurate breathalyzer:

  • Improperly trained operator
  • Body temperature
  • Broken machine
  • Improperly calibrated machine

Any of the above may have been the case during your DUI charge, which opens the opportunity for us to assertively advocate to clear your name and relieve you of any pending consequences. Pursuing the truth and making sure we defend you as thoroughly and aggressively as possible is our number-one goal. At the Law Office of Kevin O’Grady, we have successfully dismissed hundreds of DUI cases with a 97.3% win rate. We offer free case evaluations, so there’s nothing to lose by simply reaching out to us and providing us with the details of your case in the hopes of freeing yourself from the charges. If you’ve been unfairly charged with a DUI and need a Honolulu DUI lawyer who will relentlessly fight to get you the justice you deserve, look no further than the Law Office of Kevin O’Grady at (808) 521-3367 today!