DUI Charges in Hawaii


The National Safety Council, and the state of Hawaii, will try to reduce your rights and increase the punishments against you if you charged with DUI or excessive speeding or even using a cell phone. The attached article shows an increase in traffic accidents, but it doesn’t logically follow that increasing the penalties will decrease the number of accidents.

See the this report for more details.

The report does not address that the Honolulu police department has suffered, in recent years, from a significant drop in morale and has been under federal investigation for corruption with its chief as a suspect. Additionally, the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, through at least one of its senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys, is also believed to be under investigation in the same corruption probe. A senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney is married to the Chief of Police who resigned recently after receiving a target letter from the US Attorney’s office. The number of DUI arrests dropped almost 25% in one year alone. The police and prosecuting attorney’s office had been the subject of several news stories regarding DUI prosecution. 2016 saw a significant drop in the number of arrests and charging of DUIs. A Hawaii conviction for DUI cannot be expunged. It also cannot be deferred. You must fight and fight hard to avoid the conviction. The push by the NSC and the state of Hawaii to impose harsher penalties means you need to fight even harder.

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