Fines for Speeding, DUI, & Cell Phone Use Could Triple in Hawaii


A Senate committee will soon decide on six bills that could dramatically increase fines for various driving offenses in the state of Hawaii. Sponsored by Sen. Lorraine Inouye, chair of the Senate Transportation and Energy Committee, the bills address a number of driving-related offenses, including:

Senate Bills 663 and 664 would increase fines for speeding violations in the state. Specifically, Senate Bill 663 calls for an increase in fines for individuals caught speeding in a school zone or construction area, raising the fees from $250 to $750 if passed. Senate Bill 664, if approved, would fine drivers guilty of excessive speeding anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 – that’s triple the current fees!

Drunk Driving
Senate Bill 659 proposes an increase in fines for drunk driving charges. If passed, the Bill would charge first-time offenders anywhere between $450 and $3,000 for drunk driving. Again, those fees are 3 times the current rate!

Cell Phone Use While Driving
Senate Bill 363 would increase fines for cell phone use while driving from $250 to $750 if passed. If the driver is caught committing this offense while in a school or construction zone, fines would jump to $900.

Operating a Vehicle while Driver’s License Suspended
Senate Bill 367 would raise fines for persons caught operating a vehicle after their driver’s license has been suspended. If your license was previously suspended for a drunk driving offense, the new Senate Bill would fine you anywhere from $750 to $3,000 for continuing to operate your vehicle after license suspension.

Even fines for not wearing a seatbelt are subject to increase. Currently, people are fined $45 for this offense, but if Senate Bill 364 is approved individuals will be looking at fees totaling $135.

If you’re currently facing a traffic offense, beware that paying your ticket could be taken as an automatic admittance of guilt. You can fight your charges and the fines you’ve been subjected to with the help of a Honolulu DUI attorney at The Law Office of Kevin O’Grady, LLC.