New Video Allegedly Shows Honolulu Police Leaving Scene Of Makaha Crash

Hawaii Police

So, some time back there was a big wreck on the west side of the island. What quickly became clear is-

Passenger car being pursued at high speed by 1) a personal cop vehicle (they are allowed here, so something like a 4runner, but with a blue light on top- but the blue light was off and 2) 2 marked blue and white police cruisers, but again, their emergency lights were off

Passenger car was struck/bumped by 4runner cop car, end up in a horrific crash. Passengers are really screwed up including paralysis.

All 3 cop cars IMMEDIATELY turn around and FLEE the area going in the opposite direction. Note- The main drag the chase went down is the main drag that parallels the ocean. Several video cams now see all 4 cars racing in one direction and then moments later, all of them flee the area.

THEN, about 5 minutes later ALL the cops care to return and the cops are like “hey, what happened here?”

All those cops are now under investigation.

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