Major Kevin O'Grady serves the U.S. as an Army Reservist


While Attorney Kevin O’Grady protects the rights of the accused as a civilian, serving as a Hawaii DUI attorney in Honolulu, he also serves in the U.S. Army Reserve. As an Army Major and Judge Advocate (JAG) for the 75th Legal Detachment, he serves as an Article 32 Preliminary Hearing Officer for General Court Martials (GCM)—the most serious and high-stakes cases in military justice.

For soldiers who have been charged with serious crimes, they are entitled to a preliminary hearing under Article 32 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Similar to a civilian preliminary hearing, MAJ O’Grady’s responsibility is to determine whether there is enough evidence to warrant a Court-Martial. In this capacity, he is able to use his legal insight to develop the practice of criminal law within the U.S. Army.

The only PHOs who are qualified to handle all General Court-Martial level cases are Judge Advocates, who are Field Grade officers, have Court-Martial experience with both prosecution and defense positions, and have experience handling Article 120 Sexual Assault & Rape cases. Because he meets all of these high-level qualifications, MAJ O’Grady provides a vital and unique service to his country and to the Army.

As a reservist, he works with prosecutors and active-duty JAGs to improve and refine the court process within the 75th Legal Operations Detachment. For example, his duties might include working with JAGs on the types of evidence necessary to have a fair ART 32 sufficient to determine whether or not probable cause exists and to develop a full recommendation for the Convening Authority as to whether or not the Accused should be referred to General Court-Martial, supplementing the efforts of other JAGs to ensure a fair and efficient court process, or in general providing professional and legal support.

As a civilian defense attorney, his work as a JAG helps ensure that soldiers are not wrongfully accused, and that both prosecutors and assigned military defense counsel do their jobs competently and ethically. While he is unable to defend Army personnel at a GCM due to his role as a PHO, he is still able to serve the accused by being am impartial PHO, eliminating poor or groundless accusations from the docket and making appropriate recommendations to the Convening Authority.

His experience with Army Courts-Martial moreover makes him a formidable and effective military defense lawyer for Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Guardsmen. His understanding of prosecution tactics, defense strategy, and military law make him a uniquely qualified ally for soldiers in any branch of the military. While as a civilian, much of his practice is devoted to DUI charges, as a military representative he is equipped to handle the most serious charges in a Court-Martial setting.

WhWhether you’re a civilian or a soldier, whether you’re facing DUI charges or serious accusations within the military, you can depend on MAJ Kevin O’Grady to have your back. Every person deserves justice—that’s the cornerstone of our firm’s practice. As a result, Attorney O’Grady has a reputation for fighting for the rights of every individual, no matter the charges, complexity, or circumstances.