Non-Citizen? A DUI Conviction Can Make You a Priority for Deportation


A conviction for driving while under the influence (DUI/OVUII) can have severe criminal and administrative consequences. However, if you are a non-citizen in the United States, your immigration status may also be at risk. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the organization responsible for enforcing the nation’s immigration laws, prioritizes the deportation of immigrants and green card holders who are convicted of DUI.

In an official memorandum released in 2014, the DHS announced that it will prioritize the removal of non-citizens that threaten national security, border security, or public safety. DUI convictions are identified as “significant misdemeanors” under this policy and represent the second highest priority group, behind convictions for aggravated felonies and acts of terrorism or espionage. The revised guidelines apply to any non-citizen approached or detained for a related offense after January 5th, 2015.

The DHS has not been shy about their willingness to enforce this policy. The organization has stated that it will allow for the allocation of energy and resources “to the greatest degree possible” towards the apprehension and removal of non-citizens who fall into one of these priority groups. Make no mistake, an accusation for DUI represents a significant risk to a non-citizens continued residence in the United States and it must be met with a thorough and relentless DUI defense.

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