Recent News: Former mayor and prosecutor wants Kaneshiro, Kealoha out

Honolulu, Hawaii, where union membership is high and union influence is pervasive, the Hawaii Revised Statutes protect officers and Deputy Prosecutors and Corporation Counsel fight against an accused’s right to get an officer’s employment history including misconduct, evaluations and even training records. I fight for an accused’s rights. The corruption alleged in multiple federal indictments and referenced in federal target letters to others has covered multiple city agencies from the police department to the prosecutors themselves to even Corporation Counsel, the attorneys who advise city agencies. Even though the Chief Prosecutor has received a target letter, indicating imminent indictment, and there is currently a petition to impeach and remove the Chief Prosecutor proceeding through the courts, the Attorney General for Hawaii filed a write seeking extraordinary relief from the Hawaii Supreme Court seeking the suspension of the Chief Prosecutor’s law license due in part to all of the above and right after it was reported that there were individuals at the Prosecutor’s DV shelter shredding documents and concealing their efforts. Don’t proceed to court without a fighting attorney!