Recent News: Hawaiian Corruption Case


The state of Hawaii and Honolulu in particular, suffer from the specter of corruption. We all know that everything is outrageously expensive in Hawaii and Honolulu. But, what portion of that expense is due, not to remoteness, but to waste, fraud and abuse. That phrase, waste, fraud and abuse, is familiar to anyone who has worked in the military or the federal system, and specifically if you ever worked in the Jag Corps, the Inspector General or similar offices. One boondoggle, the rail project has, for better or worse, exploded in cost. A new councilman has requested an audit from an outside agency. A grand idea to be sure. (City Councilwoman Calls For Forensic Audit Of Honolulu Rail Project) Note that recently a contractor has pled guilty to bribing government officials to secure lucrative government contracts. (A New Public Corruption Scandal Looms For Hawaii). Which state or city agency employees will receive target letters of indictments like in our other local corruption investigations? Will a federal grand jury likewise find pervasive corruption in our State office of Hawaiian affairs which gathers up state monies to advocate for one ethnic group? (Former OHA trustee Rowena Akana to pay fines for ethics violations). With regard to your DUI charge, I will fight to ensure that you receive all the information you need so that I can properly defend you. Do not just plead straight-up guilty to your first DUI in Hawaii!