False DRE Arrests

A DRE, also known as a drug recognition examination, has been a controversial factor in a number of arrests made in recent years. Though a DRE examination is meant to be comprehensive in order to determine when an individual has ingested any illegal drugs, there may be evidence of countless false DRE arrests. Without proper testing, innocent people are being arrested under an officer’s assumption they are under the influence of various drugs, most commonly marijuana.

In order to make a DRE arrest, a police officer must partake in special DRE training, in which a trainee obtains knowledge regarding the effects of drugs on the human body. Therefore, when pulling someone over on suspected drug use, the police officer will presumably have the proper training to adequately spot when a driver is under the influence. However, many innocent people may be arrested under one individual’s discretion, despite protesting their innocence and even complying to a blood or urine test. Once these tests come back clear, there are still various consequences to overcome before individuals can truly move forward from this harrowing accusation.

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